Your Eroticism is Your Superpower.

There are ten core body emotions within you. And the degree to which each of those emotions moves fluidly and healthfully is the degree to which you are free, fully alive, and in full ownership of your body.

In this mini-course, Sheila introduces you to the 10 Erotic Creature Icons - each one the queen of a core body emotion within your own body. 

  • Learn if these icons are healthy in your body, or are stuck and frozen in unhealthy patterns. 
  • Give yourself permission to fully feel and constructively harness the energy that is stirring within you.
  • Start to identify your own dominant EC essence.

To live in your full potential you must access, feel, awaken and nurture all 10 Erotic Creature icons. This is the heart and soul of an embodied feminine life. Get access to this life-transforming content online for the first time ever.

Meet the EC Icons

Learn about all 10 Erotic Creatures online for the first time ever.


What is an Erotic Creature?

She is YOU! She is the core essence of your feminine body in her most fully expressed and authentic state. And just like you, she evolves and changes.

  • She is your life force.

    Knowing your Erotic Creature helps you understand what drives you to survive and thrive. She is that primal energy that moves you forward.

  • She is your pleasure.

    Your Erotic Creature knows exactly how she wants to love and be loved, and what feels good and healthy. To know her is to understand your own relationship with pleasure.

  • She is your health.

    Unexpressed energy gets stuck in the body, creating tension, stagnation, anxiety and pain. Being able to fully, fluidly, and constructively flex each of the 10 core body emotions yields a healthy physical and emotional life.

Access the Icons Now

In 10 video chapters, Sheila teaches about the light and dark Icons, and their healthy and unhealthy states in your life. Get your journal ready!


  • How long will I have access to the course material?

    You'll have a full 30 days from the time you sign up to enjoy the material.

  • How do I discover my own EC Icon?

    After taking this course and really truly understanding each of the 10 Erotic Creatures, it's vital to start to move in a feminine embodiment practice (like S Factor) to explore each of these emotions and how they desire to be expressed through your body - and how they are frozen. As these energies start to open up your erotic and everyday essences will be revealed to you.

  • How long will it take me to go through the mini-course?

    You can go at your own pace, and if you do some journaling in between videos (which we recommend you do!) you'll be able to complete the material in 2 - 3 hours. But we don't recommend doing it all at once.

There's an Erotic Creature within you that is aching to be fully expressed.

Get to know her, love her and nurture her back to life.